Why is Demir Leather So good at what they do?

Demir is a foremost retail outlet for top Italian sofas and lounges, filling up Australian homes with the finest designs and fashion that Italy can bring. If you are a leather aficionado, you will experience the Demir distinction with the unsurpassed Italian imports in the field.

Demir Leather, like any other businesses, was established with its own humble beginnings.  Demir Leather have envisaged bringing quality home furniture pieces from Italy to the numerous Australian homes and business establishments. And they have surpassed and succeeded way ahead of what they have imagined before. These days, they are one of the leading producers and manufacturers of fine, authentic home furniture pieces that definitely will be loved by their loyal and potential consumers.

Inspired by Italian designs, styles and patterns, they focus in sofas and lounges that are circumspectly crafted and assembled to manufacture outstanding products. Many thank you’s to the exceptional craftsmanship of their Italian creators. Living in style and luxury is certainly at reach by a lot of consumers.

With years of excellence and design. With a high standard of quality in mind and with an superb eye for detail. Demir Leather blends the beauty of conventional hand workmanship with the convenience of contemporary technology, our high end design items must be pleasant to the eye and also comfy and functional. Therefore, Demir has made comfort and design the vital coordinates that direct everyone’s work every day.

The home is always an artistic gesture so the objects that comprise it reflect the image of those who select them. They are similar to self-portraits. This is the concept Demir Leather conveys in our conservation of the designer collection. An identity that has its own enthralling elegance.

At Demir Leather, we don’t merely sell furniture, we sell heirlooms. Furniture that is not just designed to be liked, but built to last. That’s why when you buy a piece of furniture from Demir Leather, you know it has been hand-crafted to last for more than one generation. From hand carved dovetail to using the premium quality leathers, our suppliers hold fast to a strict range of manufacturing guidelines to guarantee an environmentally decent product every time. This is just one of the advantages of importing furniture from Italy, where each array in our collection not only hold fast to but exceeds the stringent Sydney standards for sustainable manufacturing processes. In this way, a purchase from Demir Leather is an environmentally responsible one.

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