Transforming Your Bedroom into a Boudoir

These are tips for women on how to make your bedroom your very own boudoir.

Boudoir”, in French, means a lady’s private bedroom, sitting room or dressing room. This term comes from the French word bouder, which means “to be sulky”.

However, in interior design, the meaning of boudoir is a wealthy, private and decorated environment where a woman can take refuge, rest and call it her own. Nowadays, boudoir is more about relaxation, contemplation and a place to escape from the stressful world.

The following tips will teach you how to get the boudoir look in your bedroom.

Bed Head Upholstery

Instead of a bed head with a diamond button design, go for a soft velvet one for a comfortable and expensive centerpiece that will stand out in the bedroom.

These upholstered bed heads work well together with moody wall colors such as dark blue or grey and deep sea colors, which are the modern trends nowadays.

You can also use an oversized and comfortable chair for reading, and textured bed linens as a relaxing contrast to the formal bed head structure.

Patterns and Wallpapers

Don’t hold back on mixing and matching patterns in large prints and smaller details. The most important thing to consider when teaming fabric and wallpaper is that patterns work well together if they vary in size and details.

A simple black and white repeated vertical pattern compliments as a backdrop for the dramatic fabric floral pattern on the bed head.

As much as possible, don’t use an all-white bed linen look with a combination of soft colors and deeper shades used for pillows, throws and scatter cushions. For a  quick and easy way to change your decorations with the seasons, you can use lighter colors in summer and then you can switch to heavier and warmer ones in winter.

Mirrors and Lightings

We use lightings to set the mood in the bedroom. If you want to create a dark and moody space for a relaxing night, use different kinds of light sources instead of the basic ceiling light. You can also install a dimmer on the overhead lights. It can be mixed with beside lamps to quickly help change the look and feel of the room as it adds glamour to the space. Pendant lights, when hanged inside the room, adds a sense of luxury, and mirrored furniture helps in reflecting soft lighting inside the room. Putting up an oversized full-length mirror against a wall captures light as it also serves as a perfect accessory for a glamorous boudoir.

Finally, install curtains that hang from just under the ceiling to finish the opulent look. You can also place a rug under the bed for more warmth and comfort as well as an added layer of texture. For a lady sharing her room with a gentleman, neutral colors and simple black and white scheme without a pattern or any hint of pink is also sexy without being feminine.

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