Transform a dark, cold space

Many of us end up with a living room that is maybe at the front of the house and doesn’t get as much light as the rooms nearer to the garden and outdoor space. That can have an impact on how you feel about the space, and lead to you using it less than you might like. Here you can find some tips for warming up a dark space and making it your favourite retreat.

Embrace the dark

Don’t automatically assume that light walls will warm the room up. Choosing sumptuous dark colours like a velvet green or a rich deep blue will add drama to which you can add accent lighting and complementary soft furnishings, connecting the different elements of the room and building a sense of a cosy and inviting space.

Focus on fabulous lighting

You’ll want to bring in some amazing lighting. Beautiful lamps and a low, large, crystal centrepiece will create a completely different feel in the room and combined with warm shades on the walls and furnishings, the room will have a magical feel.

Creating a light wall using strings of fairy lights and pictures can be a wonderful focal point for the room.

Soften everything

Choose a soft, rounded sofa style in a plush fabric and a beautiful colour to complement the walls. Add a soft rug on the floor and a natural, bamboo or glass coffee table with interesting books and fresh flowers to complete the look. Throws and cushions, lots of them, are essential to the cosy feeling in the room.

Create a beautiful scent

Spend some time choosing a scented candle and reed diffuser that you love, something with a rich, deep fragrance that invokes feelings of warmth – perhaps using deeper fragrances like cinnamon or mahogany. As you enter the room the scent will lift your spirits and warm your soul.

Add warmth with flames

If you don’t have a working fire in the room, recreate that cost feeling with an inexpensive electric imitation log burner, and add groups of pretty candles in warm creams on mirror tiles around the room. The flickering flames will create a relaxing mood for warm and cosy evenings in your living room.


Your living room should be a retreat at the end of a day outside in the cold, and there are easy ways using light and soft furnishings to create a magical feeling to the space that you’ll want to retire to every evening.

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