Tips on How to Make the Perfect Bedroom

Here are some hints on how you can make a bedroom a haven for the senses.

Bedrooms should be a place for the senses. It doesn’t matter if you are single, married or in a relationship. Make your bedroom a private place to relax and meditate. Spend a day to make your room unique and attractive for you to enjoy.

  1. Lighting is very important. I prefer to have at least 4 light sources. The overhead lighting should have a dimmer and should release a warm glow. The side lamps should be bright enough for reading, but preferably should have different settings in case you want to create certain mood. A corner lamp is also a significant feature since it can create a beautiful warm light source without necessarily spotlighting anything.
  2. Candles are also an attractive additional source of light in the bedroom. Use a combination of scented candles, pillar candles and tea lights. By doing so, you can transform an average bedroom into a romantic and relaxing one.
  3. If you can see a view from the room, maximize the focus on it using pretty draping or suitable window furnishings to frame it.
  4. A dresser table can be a feminine and glamorous center of attraction in the bedroom. For instance, it would be great to have a vintage French hallway table with a vintage mirror mounted above it as a dresser. You can also display a collection of modern and classic perfumes on top. This little French dressing table surely completes the scene.
  5. Installing draping from the ceiling can also effectively add more drama into the room. Dark chiffons or silk flowing from the center light to the room corners produces an ‘Arabian Nights’ effect, while netting or gauze makes a more feminine and light mood.
  6. Putting a side table next to a comfortable reading chair is also smart and functional. It could be an attractive focal point to display a bouquet of flowers and books. A low and comfortable reading chair can also be used to drape clothes over.
  7. Put locks on your doors! It is very important when you are a parent and is also needed when you needed privacy or you just want to be alone.
  8. For more comfort and elegance, you can also place a soft rug or plush flooring. This will be great in winter when you get out of bed and feel a soft rug underneath your feet.
  9. Cushions are also great accessories in the bedroom. You can put them on the bed, on the floor, or even on your reading chair. You can use cushions of various colors, textures and sizes to decorate your space. They are the cheapest and the best way to change the design of your bedroom.
  10. Private photographs are also great in the bedroom. You can use sexy or revealing photos that are not appropriate to display in the other rooms. You can frame intimate photos like your first date, or memorable and funny pictures of your family to occupy blank walls and bring them to life.
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