The Zen Home

The idea that our environment is a mirror of our inner selves is very true, and in fact not just metaphorically so but also in physical reality owing to the fact that it is proven by basic science that everything is operated by energies, kinetic, potential or static as energy can never be created nor be destroyed and it ultimately only converts from one form to another.

This energy all around us can impact us in many ways physically, emotionally, pertaining to our moods and health.

Zen living is the popular theme of incorporating more habits of Zen monks in order to make our lives more peaceful and calm, eventually leading to a more productive routine and a more fulfilling life. It’s not practically or even ideally possible for just anyone to stand up one day and decide to turn into a Zen monk, but the adoption of certain habits, routine changes and home fixes can actually enable us to reap the benefits of the Zen life.

There isn’t a whole lot of variation in the principles of Zen living so there may not be a wide array of publications or self help books but a creative perspective and ideas on how these principles can be incorporated into the home.

“We have more possibilities available in each moment than we realize.” – Tich Nhat Hanh


The house should be made a home, and a holiday destination. It should be a place where one would to go for respite and a change of atmosphere. It should be a happy setting, a place of relaxation which can cleanse us of any negativity absorbed due to any unpleasant encounters of the outside environment, out in the traffic, an impolite salesman at the store, an uncompromising colleague at work or anything else for that matter. This requires the selection of suitable drapes and curtains, the right textures and the right colors. Silk has a very holiday like feel as it could remind you of that time when you went vacationing at that hotel in the Barbados. Or if your memory provides you a healthy memory of touring the European countryside and staying in the very affordable little bed and breakfast at the edge of town, then that feel can be reproduced by creating a cozy lounging area without going overboard with the furniture.


Leaving the windows open and letting some light in is a sure form of therapy. Maintaining patterns and routines would provide consistency and reduce unnecessary hassle owing to unplanned requirements and quick changes.

Even cleaning and cooking can be made home meditation if the kitchen is practical and neatly kept with the right fittings that are appealing to the eye, to the touch and also serve the needs.

Living simply is a huge component of Zen living, where there shouldn’t be a whole bunch of clutter lying around all the time, with extravagant colors all over the house, multitudes of patterns splattered all over the entire place.


It’s a destination of beauty and a sanctuary for the senses. The house will beat and breathe with a mind of its own. Once we make it the same as ours, in sync and in flow, it will truly become our safe haven and the breeze of an abode of pleasure. The books in our homes will help take us to an altogether different place without even changing our location.

Our house will respond with what we bring into it. A pet might add beauty and vibrancy to the aura. A blanket folder under the couch will provide a quick sensation of warm hugs and cuddles, and this could be doubled if shared with someone in the family or a live-in friend. Removing the less essential things in our lives, and maintaining a practically easy and healthy cleaning routine and not hoarding onto too many things will help keep our spaces and our minds clear. Giving away massively unused items to charity would be an excellent idea for disposing of such items whilst avoiding wastage and perhaps helping those in need. If your house has much to give, then it shall expect even greater returns.

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