The Yearly Design Cycle

Every year brings forth its own challenges and unlocking achievements, with varying political climates, changing weathers and developments, all this has deep impact on culture which eventually is symbolically represented by our living spaces.

Animal hides have been a symbol of posh living but also a target of animal rights activists against such cruelty and waste of life. For this however, many furniture and upholstery brands have been reproducing the patterns and textures in great quality, so that sorts out the issue of pointless waste of life yet we get to appreciate the beauty of the most exotic animals within our homes.

Wallpapers are back in business as the fashion trends roll out the red carpet open and not even complete walls need to be done but instead if preferred, wall decals can be used to do the trick. They can easily have us expressing our appreciation for a variety of settings and moods through lovely patterns or even the simplest ones, no need to stick to the plain band beige, ash or off white throughout the entire place. Different rooms and parts of the house could be given different moods through the use of wallpaper. A small hallway could be elongated with open and plainer prints, and larger places could be condensed or brought together through richer colors and designs. So much so that even artwork could represent this in a very humane and convenient manner.

Gold in general is quite the statement for this year, and perhaps it represents the Earth doing another glorious round around the Sun in such a relevant hue. The incorporation of gold in furniture and ornaments could really bring the place about and employ the trend well. Even cutlery would be a very unique and regal looking opportunity for this.

For kitchens and bathrooms, minerals would be lovely and the use of different materials including ceramics and stone finishes would add a lot of character without overwhelming the essence of the actual uses of the spaces.

Shades of blue are the new love, and serve to suit a variety of choices and tastes as navy blue, electric blue, sky blue, pastel blue all include colors which can be splattered all over the place through floor cushions, rugs, drapes, table runners, etc.

For those who wish to alternate, pastel shades of a wide variety are possibilities, these colors somehow reflect and engage in the raw feel of nature through soft shades of pinks, greens and grays as well.

Embellishing edges brings boldness to the plainer centers. Using white on white is a very bold move, given all the maintenance required, it portrays a true hygienic and devoted resident and only such can pull it off. Layering patterns and different textures is always a good idea and this year a little effort into this can easily make your abode into the best place for gatherings and simple coffee evenings.

This year has so much to offer that even mid century modern furniture has regained the respect it deserves, with vintage couches and armchairs popping up, and the tables bringing class even to the most humble of abodes. It would be a huge disadvantage to pass up the opportunity to model your great-grandmother’s dresser and her chairs. Not to mention, this also means that these objects will now be gaining value on the market, hence if your place has theme which cannot accommodate them, then they can be auctioned off or put onto the market, or given the modern day technology perks and speedy communication, online marketing and shopping/selling points could be of great use.

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