The Hygge Trend Continues


It’s hard to translate Hygge, the Danish word for all things calm, natural, reflective, mindful. Stop. Stop, be aware, be present. Think. Enjoy. How to do that through careful design? Here are some great tips for cosying up your décor and making home feel like the safe place where you can escape the pressures of the modern world.

Go natural

Keep your design elements simple, and natural. Unclutter the surfaces and choose pieces that really inspire you, things that you can touch and feel and smell. Let your room breathe with oxygen from fresh green houseplants. Use natural, untreated wood in your shelves and side tables. Keep floors clear and windows minimally dressed so that light and space can flood through.

Warm up your colour pallet and add in some metallics

This is not the time for crisp whites, high gloss and sharp lines. Soften the mood with warm tones, that allow light to shine through without dampening the colour but without the harshness of pure white. Let colour seep through your floors, walls, curtains and soft furnishings. Mix in metallics in your objets d’art, wallpaper and storage. Lighting in a perfect place to provide a metallic finish that will add the modern edge to your soft, warm and cosy room.

Turn your walls into your own gallery

Go back through your phone’s photo gallery, and the old pictures stored on your laptop and in the pages of old photo albums. Which ones do you love? They might be people, or places, or views. Use a quality printing service to turn them into works of art, and arrange them alongside your favourite art and prints to create a collection of artwork unique and special to you and your family. Then get whisked away in your memories when you study them.

Heat it up with faux fur and flames

If you’re lucky enough to have a real fire or log burner in your living room then make that your focal point – not the tv! Position chairs nearby and add soft and cosy throws and rugs for people to relax under or against. Those without a fire can still add warmth using large candles, or even investing in an electric log burner, which have transformed in their style over recent years. Use it when you can and really indulge in the warmth of your space.

Candles and fairy lights

Any room is transformed by good lighting, and to soften a room a collection of twinkly, warm white fairy lights alongside groupings of interesting and fragrant candles provides an oasis of calm and a real sense of escape. Take your lights and candles through every part of your home and into your outside space. The reflections will cast interesting light around the spaces, and your softly scented rooms will lift the mood.


Make Hygge a part of your life and leave your pressures and stresses outside the front door.

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