The Durability Of Leather

When it comes to available furniture in upholstery stores, we can say that the most durable one is the leather. We all know that extensive care is needed for fabric as well as avoiding dark beverages for when it is spilled, it will leave stain. However, on the other hand, leather furniture care is a mystery. This article will help you identify what type of leather furniture you own and how you can take care of it and having its life span to the fullest.

Technically, there are two types of leather found on stores today: treated (aniline dyed) and untreated (natural leather). For each type of leather, there is a specific method in cleaning. For treated leathers, it went through a special dyeing process wherein protective chemicals where added along with the coloring agent and possibly lacquer to add shine on the surface. The chemicals added on the treated leather determines the amount of wear and tear it can receive also it adds protection extending the shelf life of the leather. Treated leather is not that laborious when it comes to caring and cleaning process, all you have to do is dust it and avoid exposing it to sunlight (UV light).

On the other hand, natural leather, as much as possible should not be treated with any chemical. Natural leathers have distinct patterns under close inspection. Most of high end furniture uses natural leather aside from its high cost is that it has its natural aesthetic value; leather furniture is also in lined with products like designer bags and shoes that are also made up of leather. Cleaning agents should not be used in this type of leather and moisturizer is also a big no for it might darken the surface of the leather. This type of leather should be dusted monthly and avoid exposing it to sunlight also.

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