It is most common word nowadays, as it is present in most of houses, offices, airlines, railways etc. Actually sofa is type of furniture in which both arms and back are uphold and is also called as couch or davenport. No matter where it is used but it will provide a luxurious look.

Mostly the frame of sofas is made up of wood, steel, laminated boards, plastic or combination of these materials. For filling of these mostly animal hairs or polyester can be used. Finally for covering any type of quality material can be used like leather, nylon, wool etc. but it should be good quality as you can find at DEMIR LEATHER (

If you have less space in your room or house then sofa bed will be best choice. Sofa bed easily converts from bed to sofa and sofa to bed thus it is feasible for those who have less space in their room, it means with little creativity you can make your room luxurious even in less space. In this way you can make your home luxurious and also fulfill your need of bed and sofa.

Another choice can be microfiber sofa, which is considered as first sofa made by man. Microfiber sofa is in fashion from many years and also being used in modern trend. It is easy to handle, maintained and price are also affordable. As it not leave any kind of dust and fur upon cleaning thus can be beneficial for asthma patient and patient with allergy.

Nowadays they are available in different colors, design, shapes and varieties. They are also available according to the requirement of the peoples like four seated sofa, five seated and so on. Design of sofa is very important when you have to furnish your living room.

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