Searching out the Unique

Some items in your home are a vital investment, and should be brand new, never-before used pieces such as your sofa, bed and dining table. But there are so many fantastic examples of vintage and upcycled furniture that you can use to dress your home in a style that is all you!

Pick out a great sofa, get it positioned in your living room, then have some fun with upcycling and searching for unique finds.

Antiques markets

Always a great source of the unique and special, your local or travelling antiques market will be a guaranteed source of great side tables, desks, lighting and small chairs. These will likely be in a good condition which will be reflected in their price. Choose pieces that you like in the condition you find them because reupholstering or retreating woodwork will be expensive.

Local Facebook groups

If you’re not in any of your local Facebook selling page groups, join up now! There are always great pieces of furniture like shelving and cabinets which you can buy at rock-bottom prices and use chalk paint or vinyl to completely refresh. You can experiment and see what you enjoy doing – with minimal outlay and risk.

Second-hand furniture charity shops

There are a growing number of charities that have set up stores devoted to recycling furniture. It helps people on a low budget, and it helps minimise waste by giving an opportunity to recycle. People donate to these stores for a number of reasons, and most of the stock is in a great condition. Keeping an eye on what’s in stock if you’re looking for something in particular is a great idea, and chat to the store manager who can inform you if an item comes in.

Design your own style

Hunting down the pieces of furniture you want can take time, as can painting and reconditioning it. But once you’ve assembled your collection, your lounge will look unlike anyone else’s, and you will have the pleasure of knowing that you’re individually responsible for every element of the design. An amazing feeling of satisfaction and pride!

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