Renovating Living Spaces

Be it your living room, your lounge or saloon specifically or the entire house in general since you basically are alive in the literal breathing existential sense, however to be alive in the fullest sense of the employment of your senses to indulge in the bliss of breathing in the kind of air you want; this is something you can easily accomplish by managing smart use if your living spaces.

The key is to basically explore the possibilities and to imagine how the place would feel in different lights, colors, sounds, placing of furniture. Managing moods is essential to create the expanse of space that you want.


Exploring various lighting channels can achieve amazing results. For instance, if glazed doors are installed, that will provide opportunity for ample light to cast inwards and hence illuminating the place with natural light. It is no secret that using natural light for therapeutic purposes is often of great importance as it is generally known to have a healing effect since light is known as one of the ultimate sources of life, given that it governs the channels of the stages of the water cycle, and the food processing of plants and these factors ultimately provide sustainability to all other animals and life. Keeping this metaphorical and literal view on point, it has a very positive effect on cognitive and physical development, and is a great cure for anxiety and depression. Even in film production, massive attention is given to lighting as it is a huge controller of the moods projected.


It is vital to consider how various inputs to human sensory detectors will affect bodily reactions. Scenting is a factor relevant to this as some people prefer revisiting memories through constantly wearing similar perfumes or using scent candle sticks to keep the place smelling a certain way as often Arab mosques and houses are scented with their signature herb scent. Others prefer the scent of fresh laundry of flowers and this could be taken care of by either using laundry scented fresh aerosol sprays or others could keep many flower pots around or even regularly trimming the ends of flowers in a vase will provide the flowers longevity and flowers such as tuberoses, glades, and roses have very lovely scents that last a good while and fill the air without making it too heavy. The consistency of the scent in the air can of course be altered according to preference as the number of flowers could be increased or decreased. The placing of the flowers could be adjusted as some would want them next to the entrance, others would want them at the dining table, or the bedside table or in the living room itself. Different people will perceive these stimulants differently.


Sounds are another part of powerful stimulants as they can either bring about anxiety and nervousness or on the contrary have a calming effect. This is the very reason why it is ascertained by psychologists that yelling surmounts to hitting as it brings about similar changes in the chemical balance of the body hence the impact can be as bad.

If someone prefers healthy sound stimulants frequently then they would want to be close to the city where they can hear the hustle and bustle of cars and everyone moving around, kids playing, neighbors chitter-chattering etc. Others would want to live in a more secluded environment where they can hear themselves think and perhaps the occasional chirping of birds. Even if such a person needs to continue living in a busy city then they could soundproof their homes using cheap and affordable methods such as planting trees all around or at least choose a place with windows away from the main roads and busy streets or maybe a place in the basement areas.


Pioneering brands like IKEA never cease to provide innovative and unique styles to suit comfort and fashion; hence it may not always be such a bad idea to maybe go for a different bed style, low beds, canopy beds, etc. It may be alright to choose something in a different from your usual preference of color schemes, it is common knowledge that colors also impact mood and feeling so it would be a lovely idea to incorporate suitable colors all around, such as bluish themes for the bedroom if preferred as blue is said to have a soothing effect hence making it easier to fall into a better quality sleep, maybe red or some other stimulating color for the working areas, and subtler tones for the living areas perhaps.

Hallways and lobbies also play an essential role as when you walk into your home, the entrance lobby will give you a certain sense of nostalgia and appeasement or perhaps that of dread if it does not have a welcoming feel, so it must generally not be cluttered but must provide basic practicality as umbrella and key holders and of course neat looking door mats to keep the mud off the shoes once you’re in.


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