Looking for Luxury

If you’re looking to add a bit of luxe to your living room look, then it doesn’t have to cost a fortune. Well-chosen furniture combined with stylish wall and window dressings, alongside a decluttered and eye-catching storage system can give you the luxury look –whether you’re aiming to replicate the look and feel of an art gallery, boutique hotel or stately home.

Wow lighting

The first and obvious place to look for a luxury finish is to an amazing chandelier or unique pendant lamp. There are plenty of high street stores offering fantastic lighting collections so you don’t have to think that luxe lighting has to come with an eye-watering price tag. Choose wisely and the central light and smaller lamps can be the feature of the room that steals the show.

Flooring not to be hidden

Nothing feels more luxurious than a fluffy, spongy, soft carpet underfoot. Investing in a good underlay and visiting one of the chain carpet stores is a great way of getting the look and feel for less. Choose something that will wear well – you don’t want to spoil the crisp lines with a scruffy, worn carpet. Go for something with a textured finish, or pay extra for a protective coating.

If you’ve got wooden floors, show them off to their fullest by arranging furniture around the room, allowing maximum open space. Then highlight the space using quality rugs around your sofas and chairs and the room will have a warm and stylish feel.

Feature wall

Fantastic wallpaper can transform a room, but it can also be a big investment. Go for a feature wall and spend your budget on simply covering that area in the best you can afford. Think textures, metallics and geo prints for a high-end look.

Dark and sultry

For a sumptuous look, choose darker shades of mauve, grey, blue or this season’s green to tone down the room and highlight the fantastic lighting showpieces. Soften the look with throws and cushions in complementary shades but lighter hues.

Crisp and chic

White never goes out of style, and always screams luxury. If you’re fortunate enough to have control over the shoes / pet hair / red wine in your living room, then you can’t go wrong with white leather, crystal and chrome or modern copper for a luxe look. Just invest wisely in regular upholstery cleaning!


Whatever look you choose, luxury living rooms don’t have to cost the earth. Plan out your design, shop wisely and choose one or two statement pieces that give your room the wow factor.

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