Leather Lounges Galore

On my trip up north, I visited a home which had the largest selection of leather lounges I had seen, well not as much as a warehouse, but a significant quantity for a home and a mansion. A leather lounge existed in every room.

He wasn’t a friend, not yet anyway, but I wanted to find out what was this guy’s issue with leather lounges? Does he have a leather lounge fetish?
He went on to tell us ( I was with others ) that he was a trader and he gets stressed out at work when the markets are volatile. My deduction was then that he knew how to relax. He wanted every room for feel comfortable. And it did. As we were being shown room by room, every room was grand, but it had a lovely relaxing homely feel – probably cos of the lounges!

I have to agree with the leather lounge suite ideal. I myself feel more at home on the lounge than anywhere else at home. I love my leather lounges.

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