Leather Lounge Suites are so Sweet!

I recently spoke to a friend who gave me a whole lecture on why I should really replace my cute 10 year old black and white striped fabric sofa for a leather lounge suite. Well, in my awe, I was just a little bit disappointed that my friend was putting so much energy into converting me into a leather lounge lover?

Well, I decided it’s time to throw out my old sofa, well at least put it up online for sale and seek a nice new leather lounge suite. I guess my mind was completely blank until she took me to several places that sold leather lounges. I was surprised at the designs they had (well I guess I would be surprised since I never shopped for lounges the same way I shopped for clothes before). There were leather lounges in every single colour you can imagine to match the walls of my living room with, as well as the different leather textures to suit your comfort style. I fell in love with the nice smooth texture of this nice black lounge. Let me try and get a picture for you. I wouldn’t mind it parked in my lounge room. Too bad I came home empty handed – thought I’d better wait till I receive my next pay check!


Quality Leather Lounge Suite

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