How to Style A Coffee Table Like A Professional

Coffee tables come in an array of various shapes and sizes, owing to the popularity of coffee culture. It’s like the key to ignite the day, the little boost we all need to kick start a busy day and take all the challenges head on. A coffee table however, is not only limited to the morning or a specific part of the day. It’s the incorporation of the symbolic importance of coffee into our daily lives. It may come as a surprise but olden Muslim societies were amongst the pioneers of coffee drinking, they did it in order to be able to stay up for long prayers. The coffee table now represents a space in our living environment which aids our needs for everyday living. Someone working from home or studying could be leaving their laptop or course books lying around on it. Others would want their daily dosage of Vanity Fair or Foreign Policy publications to keep in the loop of their relevant information banks.  But if it is not managed with routine then it could just end up looking like a heap of clutter in the middle of our very living space and actually cause stress whenever the eye rolls over it. Not to mention how impractical it could get, and make it hard to find important things if it becomes a habit to dump things onto whenever the need be felt. And this would be very counterproductive because one is generally supposed to relax beside it or work or learn in a comfortable environment to improve the quality and make the experience less tiring.


Keeping in tune with the theme of your living space, a coffee table suiting your needs and taste can easily be found; the most popular ones are wooden with either dark or light finishing. White coffee tables have a very neat look, making the place look more spacious and airy, however this might not be suitable for these who like to keep more than a few magazines neatly stacked or a singular vase of flowers on top as smaller multiple objects could make it look very cluttered and they would be very pronounced. A darker table might be able to accommodate it however. Larger living spaces could accommodate larger tables, and for a kind of home which has children, a double layered table which space below for toys would be a good idea.

A glass top over the coffee tables would make the surface easier to clean and this would also protect the wooden surface of the table itself. Coffee mats would provide a clean and practical protective instrument to entertain the inevitable use of the coffee table to rest mugs and snack plates etc. Going with the theme, they can be found in various colors, designs and textures.

The permanent assortment of objects placed on the coffee table should be kept minimal because it is inevitable to keep clear of the daily objects that will be sprawled onto the table top upon returning home after long day from work, or in between breathing breaks for work around the house of with the kids.

If there is a book that you have been wanting to finish but you somehow keep putting it off or be unable to find a chance to read it. But if it’s there on the coffee table, then it would be much likelier for the book to end up being read in an ideal environment as it would be right next to the resting space on a comfy couch.

Any flowers in the vase regularly need to have the water changed frequently and the ends of the flower shoots to be trimmed in order to improve longevity, because no one ever found a ot of dead flowers in the middle of the living room to be a slightly.


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