How to Clean Your Leather Sofas

Cleaning a leather sofa is a dilemma that faces every sofa owner. How do you actually clean a leather sofa and how sure can you be that it is truly cleaned? Dirt and fallen food particles may be commonly found in between your sofa cracks which will invite insects to stay underneath and worst make a teeter of your sofa. Here are some tips on how to clean your leather sofas.

1. You can use a slightly damp cloth; make sure that it is a soft cloth in order to avoid unnecessary markings on the leather and soap. Rub the soap with the damp cloth and wipe it all over your sofas and finish it off by wiping it with a dry soft cloth. This is to disinfect bacteria clinging on to the leather.

2. You may visit a home furniture store and seek their advice on how to clean it or read over through the manual on the safety and preservation of the leather. Most often than not, you will be advised to try on a dry deep conditioning formula.

3. As for ink stains, spraying a hair spray over the stain and wiping it with a dry soft cloth will do just fine. Water stains should be avoided as it will blot your leather, and this is the reason why it is advised to use a damp cloth instead of a soaked one.

4. For grease, a dry cloth will do the job. Do not try to use a damp cloth in wiping the grease as it will just scatter the grease on your sofa. If you do, always try to rub the damp cloth with a soap to take the grease off and get rid of the smell as well..

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