Finding Inspiration

If you’re looking to redesign your living room but don’t know where to start, there are lots of inventive ways for you to look for inspiration.

Classic movies

Few people really understood glamour like old Hollywood. Turn to any of your favourite 40s and 50s movies and you will find beautifully created sets where the characters inhabited a world unlike anything we normally find today. Pause the movie and take notes on the pieces of furniture or design ideas that really stand out – flowing curtains; fabulous tall lamps and vases; crystal bar tables. Whatever it is you love, make a note of it and search for similar pieces online or in your local antiques centres.

Your favourite hotel

What better excuse for a night away than to find great interior design inspiration. Book a room in your favourite boutique hotel and you’ll get the benefit of highly-trained, expensive interior designers who have done the thinking for you! Look out for interesting and unique sofa designs, beautiful flower arrangements, unusual themes to unify a room, and hardworking but beautiful flooring.

Travel the world with AirBnb

Travel around and view the interiors of some of the finest properties in cities around the world… without leaving your sofa. The owners of airBnB properties want to stand out from the crowd so that they can command the best rates and be fully booked year-round. They have done their research and they know what looks good in pictures, and what will give them great reviews in person. But every city will have its own particular identity, and you can get an idea of different trends from Italy to California simply by searching for top-end properties and picking out unique design ideas. Your home will look unlike anyone else’s in your town, that’s for sure!

Look to nature for unique colour pallets

You know those sunsets that take your breath away? Nature knows that the combination of reds, purples, golds and blues sets up a party in the sky. Why not bring that amazing pallet into your home for a tropical feel that will make your living room feel like a far-away place. Or head out to the woodlands – reds, browns and golds come together to create a warm and inviting place that relaxes you and calms you down. Bring that into your home using rich fabrics, natural woods and warm gold or copper lighting to recreate that feeling of natural space.

Wherever you look, make sure your living room speaks to you on a personal level and invites you to spend hours relaxing and enjoying yourself.

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