Design a Focal Point

If you’re looking to redesign your living room, then positioning your furniture around a focal point is a great way to add interest and character. Don’t worry though if you don’t have a fabulous fireplace or outstanding view to highlight – you can still make the most of your space with this selection of great focal point ideas.

A fantastic sofa

Positioning your sofa as the star of the show is a great way to not only maximise your investment, but also to unify a colour or design theme in a room. Work with the angles of your room – perhaps you can fit in a gorgeous corner sofa, or a sumptuous velvet oversized piece. Then add a soft sheepskin or faux fur rug, a stunning lamp and a set of gleaming side tables with fresh flowers of houseplants and you will have a real showpiece. Don’t forget to find a selection of beautiful cushions and throws to make the scene even more inviting.

Flames – real or not

You don’t need to have a fireplace to have a fire as your focal point. If you have the space and the funds, then a fabulous log burner can be placed wherever you like in your room. Put it right in the centre and direct everything towards it; or position it in the corner and make sure you have a bundle of blankets and cushions in a blanket box nearby so everyone can get cosy. Invite people in with a comfortable leather armchair and a soft rug underfoot.

If your budget is tighter, then affordable electric log-burner look fires are easily purchased and come in a range of styles, from classic to modern and sleek. Many people design their own hearth around the electric burner and honestly, no-one need ever know it’s not real. And you will always have an economical, environmentally-friendly cosy focal point in your home to welcome everybody in.

A stacked and beautiful bookcase

Fill a wall with a beautiful set of bookshelves and build yourself a wonderful home library. Position armchairs alongside the bookcase, with low coffee tables to hold your mug of something warming whilst you cosy up with a good read. Bookshelves can be a beautiful focal point, and something you and your family can build up over the years. Just remember to keep tidy and organised so that it is not only a pleasure to look at, but a pleasure to use.

Create your own gallery wall

Group your favourite photos, prints and wall hangings together over an entire wall – you’re looking for interest, not neatness here. Gather similar colours together, and ensure larger pieces are interspersed with different size pictures so that the eye moves between them all. Have your sofas and chairs facing the wall rather than in front of them, so that you don’t block your artwork.


It doesn’t have to cost a lot to design a fabulous focal point in your room – just changing the place your eyes go to when you enter a room can have a completely different impact on how you use he space. What’s your favourite thing to spend time doing in your living room?

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