Decorate your rooms

So you’re looking for a leather lounge suite. Thats great. There is actually a significant selection to choose from in the Sydney market. You have leather lounge suites imported from china, italian leather sofas and the rare Australian made one.

What I will be dealing with in this article is something different. Lets just say you’ve bought your new leather lounge – now what?

Does your room still look bare? If so, you may be missing some wall decor. Of course this means that you have to be ok with sticking things on the wall. What about the removal process? I have these all over my house and I can assure you – the wall stickers from are easily removable. There are many designs in this website – so theres bound to be one that suits your decor and your tastes.

If you’ve thought about wall decals already, then this is just another reminder. :)

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