Couch is categorized under furniture, which is designed in such a way that more than two persons can be seated. It is actually a type of sofa which has half back and one raised end, thus closely resembles to day bed, chase longue, or a bed. That one raised end is armrest which may be on either side. Word couch is derived from French word “couche” which means “bed”. They are in use from many years till now.

Its structure consists of wood or metal, which is padded and finally covered with textile or leather or sometime combination of both. In homes they are mostly placed in living room, dining hall or lounge. They are also used in waiting rooms, furniture stores, hotels commercial offices etc.

Couches are of different types, one most common two seater is called as “love seat”. Two or more seater are often termed as sofa or settee and a sectional couch, in which there are multiple sections (two or more) and also it is in two pieces that usually joins at an angle of 90 degree or more. Section couch is some time also called as corner sofa.

They are available in varieties of design and color. Some of the collection you can also find at DEMIR LEATHER (, where you can found different varieties. These couches give luxury and elegance to your homes and work place. They are now seems to be necessities of living room for both either for guest for us to watch TV with comfort. They are made very soft and elegant that gives a fabulous and stylish look. Some of the benefits of couch include durability, less expensive, cheaper than leather, dust free and easy to clean.

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