Chaise Lounges

Chaise Lounge for Your Outdoor Space

Have you ever tried adding some elegance or timelessness to your outdoor space? Have you ever considered using indoor furniture outdoors? The versatility of a chaise lounge accommodates both situations. Chaise lounges were originally used as an indoor furniture during its heyday in the 1800s and the 1900s. Their fully padded make up made it an ideal place to read a book or take a short nap.

Through the years, people have discovered the comfort of staying outdoors. Because of this, they needed something comfortable to rest on, thus the outdoor chaise lounge was born. Outdoor collections started growing such as those made from wood, innovative designs that looked like your regular deck chairs, and then patio lounges that had different styles and designs, not to mention better quality materials like treated metal and wood.

With a chaise lounge you will be enjoying the fresh outdoors with the comfort feel of being indoors. It is worthy to note that chaise lounge specifically built for the outdoors are constructed to be weather-proof to become longer lasting. They are mostly made to be zero gravity to give it an overall light weight feel. Soak up the sun’s rays with lounges with a splash of color like yellow, blue, green and red. Those that are made from metal like aluminum are treated to be rust free and covered with a breathable mesh fabric that lets you stay dry and cool.

The chaise lounge originated from Egypt where it was used by women of royal blood. These furniture pieces can also be seen depicted in ancient Greek pictures. Bathe in royal comfort with the chaise lounge as the feature of a chair and day bed combines.

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