Chaise Lounge

In simple language chaise lounge is a sofa or couch that is up hold. It has back rest at only one end thus allowing legs to be rest easily. The word chaise lounge comes from French word “chaise lounge” that means a long chair, and still in most of circumstances this word is accepted.

Depending on how it is made, it can be used for both outdoor and indoor settings. Mostly material used for the making of these lounges include, teak wood, resin wicker, wrought iron, recycled plastic, regular plastic , hardwood, aluminum and metal. The choice of material depends on the type of lounge, either it is for indoor or outdoor. Mostly if it is for indoor purpose then it is fabricated and uses thick padded cushions.

It allows one or two person to accommodate easily with their legs straight. Person sitting o chase lounge are relaxed because their legs are stretched straight in front of them plus as it is padded with thick cushions thus it is comfortable too. When one want to buy this type of lounge then I will prefer to buy them from branded shops and one of them is DEMIR LEATHER (, where you can find different varieties of these chase lounges.

They are also available with wheels so one can easily move them from one place to another. They allow the person to be in reclining position thus it can be suitable for bedrooms, sunrooms deck etc. Mostly the lounges which are for outdoor purpose are folded one so when not in use can easily fold and place in store room, in this way it occupies less space and can be safe from rain and sun.

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