Buying the Perfect Couch

Learn on how to make sure your sofa selection combines comfort, the newest trends and ultimately the best place to curl up.

The number one thing that people consider when looking for a sofa is comfort. It is where we spend most of our time reading, watching TV, taking a nap, or relaxing with our family. Also when selecting a couch, most people choose function over the shape and structure. But nowadays, you can have them all at the same time. The market now offers products that are both attractive and comfortable.

Couches are just like cars. When you buy your first one, you usually start out with an old beaten up one. Then you constantly change it to a better one as you grow older. The price and size of your couch changes as you mature and as your family grows and your house gets bigger. So, you begin from a few hundred-dollar priced two-seater one, through to larger and more expensive couches costing five figures.

You can turn your house into a home using the right sofa. When choosing the right couch, you must first consider if you want something to create an enclave to escape everything, or to have a central heart for your family to gather together and talk. Your choice of sofa shows how you use your space along with the feeling you have within it.

The trends in textures and tones in couches include linens, quality natural fabrics and classic pattern play. I always recommended for people to go neutral on the big pieces. Always go for the whites, off whites and taupe’s. If you want patterns or more colors, use them in your cushions, the rug underneath or on the throw rug over the armrest. It is easier to change the cushions and rugs when you get tired of them, than buying a new sofa.

Don’t buy big and bulky sofas that will swallow you, your family, your dog, any leftover food. Instead, go for refined, streamlined and simple silhouettes. There is also a trend towards contrasting piping, tufting, slim profiles, clean simples lines and classic tailoring.

Tips in Getting the Right Couch:

  • Scale is very important, so it is better to measure your space first before going to the store to know the minimum and the maximum size of sofa that you need. Look for a tape measure and some masking tape, and space out your home’s floor plan to get a picture of the maximum or minimum space it will occupy.


  • Consider what kind of family you have. If you got teenagers or a toddler who is a messy eater, a white linen sofa may not be suitable for you. You might need a strong leather sofa which lasts longer, or a darker tone which doesn’t easily get stained.



  • Get an odd number of cushions. They always look better than even ones. For example, five cushions look more natural than a symmetrical four.


  • Clash some colors using a selection of soft accessories that works with the couch either in color or pattern, but not both. Also, if you have a beautiful and plain couch, use it as a base and play with cushions and put other artistic designs around it. You can change your design each season, like the hotness of summer or the beauty of spring.


  • Invest on a throw rug. An expensive throw can be what you need to add warmth and character to your space. It is cheaper than when you buy a new couch if you get tired of your old one. It will also keep you warm when you are in a curled up position.



A sofa with feet always makes a room look bigger than a sofa that sits flat on the ground. The larger the floor area that can be seen under the sofa, the larger the room will seem. A sofa that sits flat on the floor will always look heavier. The legs on your sofa should work well with any other finishes of the furniture next to it, but not necessarily the same.

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