Bring the Outside In

Whatever your budget and interior space, your home will feel fresher and lighter with the incorporation of “outdoor” fabrics, wall dressing and planting. Houseplants are a huge trend again this year and there is no need to worry about whether you are a good gardener or not – purchase a selection and do your best to place them in the correct light and give them enough food and water. Safe in the knowledge that even the biggest plant enthusiasts kill plants all the time!


A popular choice because of their ease to plant and maintain, succulents continue to be a key trend in indoor planting. Grouping different shaped succulents together of varying colours and hues is a great way to add interest to a room, and even the objects you choose for planting can add a lot of personality – no need to stick to a plant pot when you can experiment with glass, metal and ceramics. It’s pretty hard to kill a succulent and they only need watering once a week – lasting well away form bright lights.

Leaf prints and presses

Prints and canvasses of large, interesting leaves add texture and pattern to your walls and shelves, and help to expand that feeling of the outdoors inside. If you are in a position to purchase and dry a collection of real leaves, and press them between simple glass frames, then a collection of these will be eye-catching, colourful and unique.


Wallpaper, curtains and cushions are all great carriers of print and pattern in a living room, and can be swapped out easily. You can find an array of patterns from bold and bright to subtle pastels, all of which bring in the light and freshness of the garden into your home. Start small, with cushions and a textured throw, and grow your collection of patterned textiles to add colour without going overboard!


Mixing in natural wooden furnishings alongside your leather or fabric sofas and chairs will provide warmth and comfort to your living space. Natural bamboo looks fantastic and will age well. Knitted throws, checked blankets and soft, woolly cushions all add a sense of the cosy outdoors, indoors.

Brave and thoughtful

Researching your colour pallet and coming up with a great mood board will enable a cohesive design which will come together easily as you choose the larger and smaller pieces for your living space. Get outside and search for interesting materials that you can either use yourself as decoration or use as inspiration for colours and textures. Spend time in the best local garden centre you can find to choose several eye-catching plants that work well in your space (i.e. light, water, food requirements). Then enjoy the relaxation that comes from a home that brings the outside inside.

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