Adding character to your new-build lounge

A fresh, new home is a wonderful blank canvas and takes away many of the maintenance worries of other types of property. The rooms are primarily evenly-sized, without awkward shapes and usually designed to fit standard-size furniture easily.

All that is fantastic – but also daunting! A completely blank canvas is a thing of fear for many of us. Also, you have probably been advised that you need to wait a year or so before you can repaint or wallpaper. So how do you make your new house feel like home, with a cosy and fashionable lounge in which you can feel comfortable and proud?

Choose your theme

You’ll need to add character to your room, and you can achieve that successfully if you decide on a unifying theme for your furniture, art and objects. You might want to pull everything together using a certain colour pallet, be it modern greys or classic whites.  Or you might want to aim for a sixties design ethic, or a vintage look mixing the new and the old. Flick through your favourite design magazines or spend your hours on Pinterest – however you choose to identify your theme, make sure you have it clear in your mind and create a mood board to keep you focused.

Find the perfect sofa

Keeping in mind the look you are trying to achieve, play around with texture and colour when choosing your sofa so that you know it will be something that works not just for now but for many years to come. You need something you will be able to still enjoy in five years – not be bored of, and not regret choosing that style!

Make sure you choose a spot which is not in harsh sunlight for your sofa so there’s no fade in colour. It’s always best to be able to physically try out your main sofa so buy from a local supplier where you can ensure you’re able to have a good chance to sit and squash down before you buy!

Armchairs with style

You can have a lot of fun choosing armchairs, since many people are choosing unique, hand-made chairs in different shapes, fabrics and colours, which complement your sofa without matching. Why not think about a chaise longue and an occasional chair to complete your lounge look in a modern style.

Be creative with your storage

Building block shelves around your sofa unit is a great way of adding storage for things like books and toys. Use a footstool with internal storage to make the most of your space, and try an open bookcase to display your favourite plants, pictures and ornaments. Careful storage around your TV can make the best of your space for a smaller lounge.

Cosy up with a soft rug

Faux fur and sheepskin is everywhere right now, thanks to the Hygge trend – get yourself a cosy rug to nestle your feet into under your sofa – you won’t regret it!

Frame the room with quality curtains

Curtains are the single best way to add colour to a new build lounge. Make sure you invest in quality, with elegant tie-backs to ensure the maximum light gets into the room, and you can really inject your personality with your choice of fabric and pattern. After all, it’s something you can change really easily if you get bored!

Get inventive with wall dressing

You can still make your mark, even if you can’t paper or paint the walls. You’ll probably find the plaster is quite soft so go carefully when hanging pictures to make sure you don’t cause any damage, but that being said you can design a feature wall to match your theme. Choose a collection of prints, mirrors and wall hangings that complement your theme and group them in a varied arrangement.

Happy designing!

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