A leather lounge suite for every room

I have recently visited a home which had the largest selection of leather lounges. Yes, it wasn’t the Demir warehouse, it was a home. There was literally a leather lounge for every room!

So what was this guy’s fascination with leather lounges? I had to ask.
“I like to feel comfortable in every room, and to feel comfortable, I need a leather lounge to relax on. There’s nothing like a leather lounge suite to relax on after a tough day on the stock market”. Yes he was a trader, and we all know how stressful traders have it – especially on a down day.

I have to agree with the leather lounge suite ideal. I myself only have one – from Demir and I suppose if I had a larger salary, I probably would invest in one for every room – would be quite nice to relax in after a work out. Speaking of working out – wouldn’t mind one next to the gym too!

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